Decorative resin

Giesse Service resin decorative solutions

Thanks to great experience maturated in over ten years of success in the resin sector, we are able to develop decorative coatings with unlimited possibility of finishing.

Unlike the typical  materials used to realize surfaces and floors, decorative resin works made by Giesse Service, offer lot of different aesthetic possibilities and their use is recommended by architects and designers for the interior sections of offices, shops and habitations, because they have the right safety standard and the related European certifications.

A stable task in the research, combined with the highest qualitative standards of our realizations, make Giesse Service the best partner to manage every work connect with the use of resin products, able to propose a lot of different solutions, studied for the needs of every different customer.

To the creative realization, cooperate the competence in the sector, represented by high quality exterior contractors, which partnership make available a great experience necessary to guarantee the highest quality in the projects to develop.

For further information, visit also GOST ENGINEERING web site – dedicated to the decorative resin world.


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