Resin products

The range of resin products for our layers

Resin floors” is a generic word that indicates a large range of products, realized by resin materials (formulated) with technical and economics features extremely different one from each other.

We realize resin floors for food, chemical-pharmaceutical and metalworking industries, for logistics warehouses, refrigerating rooms etc…

Resin features allow realizing different pavements and spaces. Resin floor products have great advantages compared with other building material such as tiles, parquet, marble, ceramic, stoneware and wood.


Resin formulated to coat walls, bathrooms, furniture and structures

The high resistance to the wear and the long duration of the coating allow the application in different sectors.

The use of materials manufactured in the main Italian and foreign companies allow having a perseverance of quality and developments, all accompanied by its related datasheet, performance and safety files.


resina epossidica

Epoxy resin

Mainly used on new floors with vapour barriers with the possibility to do from an easy anti-dust coating until a renewal screed with a high gauge.

resina metacrilica

Methacrylic resin

Methacrylic resins are most used in the food industry and mainly where it is necessary the application on concrete ground.

resina poliuretanica

Polyurethane resin

Polyurethane resins used mostly for decorative and high-density floors, offer great features of flexibility and resistance.

microcement resin compounds

Microcement resin compounds

Microcement resin compounds are the result of the use of premixed products cementitious-based.Used to coat and decore every type of surfaces, both horizontal and vertical, microcement resins are the ideal choice to restructurate interior and exterior locations.

resina poliurea

Polyurea resin

Applying this particular resin we go to create an elastic and polyurethane membrane, which is applied on site through thermal spraying on different stands.

resina decorativa

Decorative resin

Unlike the common materials used to realize surfaces and floors, resin decorative works offer different aesthetic possibilities and their use is recommended from architects and designers for the interior sections of offices, shops and residences.

resina bicomponente

Two-component resin

Indicated to coat every type of surface, it is well known that resin can guarantee a resistance and an aesthetic quality superior to the majority of other materials available on the market.

resina per piastrelle

Resin tiles

Highly recommended to coat pre-existing surfaces, resin can guarantee a resistance and an aesthetic quality superior to the majority of the other construction material used in the building sector.

resina per arredo bagno

Resin for bathroom furniture

The most recent solutions for interior design include as a new protagonist the resin materials, in particular materials able to custom domestic environment, such as bathroom surfaces.


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