Microcement resin

Microcement resin compounds are the result of the use of premixed products cementitious-based.

Used to coat and decore every type of surfaces, both horizontal and vertical, microcement resins are the ideal choice to restructurate interior and exterior locations.

Innovative “ecologic” products, these atoxic materials assure a large application in the residential, commercial and industrial field, perfect for floor, surface and wall coatings, through the spatulate technique that give the most particular shades of colours, thanks to an infinite set of colouring and tone that can custom with a particular dynamism the surfaces of living-room, bedroom, kitchen, restaurants and hotels.

Easy to apply and high resistant to scratch and abrasion, microcement resins can be easily combined with every type of colouring and tone and thanks to their special composition, they assure the highest adhesion on the supports, where they are coated. They allow the coating develop with a small gauge that permits the complete renewal also of old pavements and surfaces.

With microcement resins we can also coat (with expenditure)surfaces with supports realized in iron, concrete, wood furniture, tables, shuffles, shelves and domestic stairs, shops, showroom and commercial centre, to give life with simplicity to “minimal” style realization and at the same time to modern works.

Original, creative and absolute unique and customizable, thanks to microcement resins you can restructure every surface in short time, realizing smooth layer, but rich of style and elegance with that you can furnish commercial environments and shops.

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