Polyurethane resin

Floor coatings with polyurethane resin-basis

Polyurethane resins are mostly used for high-density and decorative floors, offering great features of flexibility and resistance to ultraviolet rays and atmospheric agents. Very important factors in the realization of high-quality resin floors, which can last for long time, conserving its own aesthetic value, protecting the floor from discoloration also realizing a layer with white resin, which will not yellow after a long exposition to light. This particular single component resin has the thermoset features of the “moisture cures”, which harden with the humidity, but can be used even as hardener product as two-components formulated. Another main feature is the high resistance to scratches, in particular in the transparent formulation (without pigments) that is the weakness of the resins. For what concern the pavements coatings, the use of polyurethane resin requests an economic investment a little higher that the other resins on the market, but the result worth the investment because it moves away from the technical and qualitative level obtainable from the other resin based formulations..For what concern the time of layer of the polyurethane resins, they are very similar to those of epoxy resins.

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