Resin for bathroom walls

Resin surfaces for bathroom coatings

The most recent solutions for interior design include as new protagonists resin substances for bathroom walls, particular materials able to offer the customization for domestic applications, such as bathroom and bathroom fixtures surfaces.

Modern materials, easy to manufacture and with unlimited possibilities of customizations, resins for floors and bathroom walls have not only aesthetic features, but they are also resistant, long-lasting and waterproofing, ideal features for humid environments, which need of anti-slip characteristics, resulting a real alternative to the classic materials cementitious based used in the building sector.

The hygiene and the clean of resin floors for bathroom walls

Resin surfaces look like homogeneous coats, without leakages (weak points of classic cementitious floors, where dirt can hide) an so highly hygienic and easy to clean. They are very important aspects that render them the best choice to realize walls and surfaces that thanks to the most particular and different textures and finishes, will give a sense of uniqueness and inimitability even for the environments of your bathroom.

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