Resin tiles

Application and layer of resin formulated on preexistent tiles

Highly recommended to coat preexistent surfaces, resin is able to guarantee a resistance and an aesthetic value superior compared with the majority of the cementitious materials used in the building sector.

Level, with aesthetic appeal and long-lasting, resin surfaces can be applied as a coating for every type of tile, on which is possible realize also gauges particularly reduced, able to assure a large choice of applications, ideal for the environments of bathroom, living-room, kitchen and bedrooms.

The use of resin to give new light to floors and tiles

The coatings realized with resin products are the result of the use of specific compound viscous based, composed by a base and the related harden, which aim is to assure to the resin layer, the aspect and the physical features that remind natural effects, such as stones and metals.

Thanks to the resin formulated, it is possible add opaque or spatulate finishes, marble or metallic, assuring a large range of solutions to chooce, to give “new life” to your worn or damaged tiles.

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