Two-component resin

Two-component epoxy resin for surfaces for civil engineering applications

Two-component resin is particularly indicated to coat every type of surface. Today it is well known how two-component formulated guarantee a resistance and an aesthetic value that are superior to the majority of the other building materials available on the market.

For what concern the finishes of pavements with decorative features, mostly recommended for surfaces for civil engineering applications with low-density (in particular shops, showroom, hotel hall), it is correct entrust treatments that allow to use epoxy resin coatings, ideal for their malleability in the layer phase and for the waterproof and compactness features guaranteed by the finish surface.

Through the use of a transparent two-component epoxy formulated we will go to create a finish (with a gauge of 1 mm) that generates the classic “lens-effect”, assuring to the floor or the wall an amazing shine, in a refined recall to the aesthetic of the noble and more classic materials, like marble.

Thanks to the use of this particular coating, le treated surfaces will become yellow and the chromatic beauty of the working will not change.

Supply of  two-component materials and formulated


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