Resin works and realizations

Realization of resin surfaces and floors

Giesse Service was born with the aim to give the highest professionalism in the laying of its own resin realizations, for surfaces for domestic and commercial applications.

In the years, we specialized in the realization of resin floors and coatings.

The types of coatings and finishes change depending on the final environment and exist lot of different resin based solutions for floors, which allow creating faux-stone and marble coatings for interior, exterior, walls and bathrooms.

Resin floors and monolithic surfaces without leakages, easy to superimpose to the existing floor, avoiding so its removal, with a great saving of time and costs, being the gauges between 3 and 4 mm.

Resin floors allow a faster clean and a higher hygiene compared with other surfaces. Every floors is handmade, that is why every work it is unique.

Our company deals with the research of new materials, the correct execution of the works and the general oversight of the laying of industrial and domestic pavements (gym floors, commercial centre floors, shops floors, work floors and every other type of resin floor).

superfici in resina a uso civile

resin surfaces for civil engineering application

Resin surfaces for civil engineering application

Choose a resin floor means invest in a safe and long-lasting way for your home … choose Giesse Service is a guarantee of professionalism.

Seen at the beginning as an easy alternative to the classic cementitious-based materials, resin substances, thanks to a continued expansion in the interior design market.

pavimento in resina a uso industriale

resin floor for industrial application

Resin floor for industrial application

Giesse Service is able to offer a complete and definitive reply for every kind of problem related to industrial surfaces.

Resin floors is synonym of resistance to wear and abrasion, absence of infection from mildews and bacterial agents, perfect continuity and ease of clean.

pavimenti in resina per esterni

resina floors for exterior

Epoxy resin floors for garage and exterior

Protect and coat easily underground garage and parks pavements thanks to the use of epoxy resin compound.

Type of resin floors for exterior, expect the laying of an epoxy resin coating resistant to various mechanical stresses and to chemically aggressive.

superfici per arredo bagno

surfaces for bathroom furniture

Resin coating for bathroom furniture

Resin is absolutely an excellent material to coat surfaces and walls for the bathroom furniture sector.

Resin substances are able to offer ideal solutions to custom even domestic environments, which need waterproofing, anti-slip and ease clean features.

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