Anti-slip surfaces

Resin treatments for anti-slip surfaces

Giesse Service realized anti-slip systems that can guarantee to the treated surfaces the highest safety of use.

These polyurethane multi-layer coatings have a particular flexibility and assure great anti-slip features. They are perfect for vehicular pavements (included outdoor parks) and are realized in concrete.

The resin surfaces of our anti-slip floors limit the possibility of downfall of horizontal level that are particularly non-slip. They are indicated for those locations, which have discharge or spill, in order to protect the health and the safety of the works personnel, respecting the European rules. If we are talking about sportive outdoor floors to protect the sportsmen.

Non-slip features of resin coatings

Giesse Service is a specialized company in the resin coatings and resin floors for exterior, thanks to its consolidated experience in the resin treatments. They mostly deal with anti-slip floors, pavements with epoxy resin finish, perfect for company that are operative in the food, chemical and mechanical sector.

To realize and lay an anti-slip floor it is necessary a limited investment and the time of set up and viability is particularly short and moreover, our pavements result resistant to mechanical deterioration and many chemical agents (thanks to specific antiacid and anti-corrosive treatments).

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