Decorative surfaces

Realization of decorative resin surfaces

Decorative resins are a selection of manufacturing thought to realize every aesthetic need, thanks to a new line of products, created to guarantee the finest aesthetic and creative value.

When we talk about decorative resin surfaces, we have to mention the infinity elements that can be merge with resin compounds, to make every treated surface more beautiful. These surfaces will become authentic work of art and even more precious thanks to small-refined elements of adornment as small quartz, glasses, steel etc… in a whirlwind of artistic effects with a large impact.

Thanks to the innovative technics of resin laying we can realize many different unique effects, where the colours and the materials go together to create every time new masterpieces.

Process techniques of decorative resins

Elegant and original environment, to create floors and walls to combine the most elaborated effects as the spatulate or the cloudy, to give a natural effect to the surfaces, in a magic of chromatic shades.

Thanks to its malleability, resin can be exploit for chromatics preparations, to add to the most elaborated textures, that give to the finish work a particular depth and the irregular effect created by the smoothing, which will give the final effect and the most delicate colours tones.

These effects are created on a colour-basis, in which we add a new touch of the resin compound of different colours, which will create the contrast grade. All this to obtain a creation worth of the most renowned artisan working.



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