Film coatings

Film coloured resin coatings

Available in different colours, film coatings are the optimal choice to coat level surfaces with cementitious-basis.

These particular anti-dust coatings request, for the laying phase, the use of specific multi-layer roller with a gauge between 0,25 and 0,50 mm and the application effect will be regular and uniform.

Applying a supplementary phase of smoothing with a different colour, it is possible to easily give to the treated floors or surfaces, an elegant and particular spatulate effect.

Film epoxy resin coatings

It is a particular type of coating, which requests the use of colour resins epoxy based, mostly used to realize exhibition spaces, as showrooms, art galleries, ateliers and sales points.

This type of working is recommended also for the food laboratories, which request the absolute respect of the hygienic rules and so, a high ease of maintenance and cleaning of the surfaces, maintaining the aesthetic qualities that these activities request.

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