Resin Works

Different resin works for surfaces

Thanks to its great potential and flexibility of use, resin is a very appealing product in the contemporary aesthetic ideal and it has found its own dimension in the commercial and domestic applications. 

Synthetic resin products represent the natural evolution of the traditional industrial floors and they present/bring forward new sophisticated aesthetic and formal features.

Giesse Service has always paid attention to the market needs, and so we can offer customized solutions for every customer and for his work.

Giesse Service deals with washing and anti-dust treatments for industrial surfaces, epoxy resin products for old and new floors, self-levelling or anti-abrasion resin gauge coatings, methacrylic resin floors with sowing of ceramic-coated quartz.

Our resin floors are hygienic, safe, economic and fast to realize. Ideal for food industries, artisan activities, commercial or industrial, with anti-slip or level and thickness finish, available in different colours, according to the customer needs.

Commercial and domestic floors with anti-slip, antiacid and decorative features, applied on existent surfaces, old and new.

The food industry in its complete entirety.

Before we make an on-site inspection, then we size up the stuffiness of the industrial activity that it has to bear, choosing the most suitable pavement cycle.
We mostly operate in the sector of treated surfaces for commercial and domestic applications and we are specialized in the laying of film and/or thickness epoxy and polyurethane resin coatings, using modern equipment for the total respect of the environment..

Here you can find our main type of works:

sala mostre giesseservice

resin floors


Resin floors, a generic word used to indicate a large variety of products, with technical and economics features completely different one to each other.

We realize resin floor for the food industry, chemical-pharmaceutical and metalworking industries, logistical warehouses, refrigerating rooms and much more activities.

pavimento in resina antipolvere

anti dust coatings


Treatments for industrial pavements realized in concrete, used as finish for resin surfaces with a self-levelling cement foot.

The preliminary phase of an anti-dust treatment expects the application of a thin layer of transparent resin, which is coated directly on the stand concrete, with the aim to get a surface as thin as possible.

superficie in resina impermeabile

waterproofing surfaces


Resin layers represent the ideal solution to waterproof all different surfaces.

These particular type of epoxy resin coatings are actualized by layers between 6 and 15 mm gauge, which do not have leaks or edge and they result highly resistant to mechanical stresses and chemical agents.

rivestimenti in resina a film

film coatings


Film coatings are the best choice for level and regular surfaces cement-based. They are available in different colours.

To utilize these particular anti-dust coatings, we have to make use of multi-layer rolls with a variable gauge between 0,25 and 0,50 mm and the effect of the application will be polish and homogeneous.

pavimento in resina autolivellante

self-levelling coatings


Spatulate resin floor with self-levelling features.

Self-levelling spatulate resin surfaces are perfect for every domestic and commercial applications, thanks to their solidity, uniformity and adaptability to all locations. These surfaces can be custom with the most original chromatic effects.

superfici antisdrucciolo in resina

anti-slip multi-layer coatings


Giesse Service realizes non-slip systems that guarantee the highest safety of use of the treated surfaces.

These polyurethane multi-layer coatings have a particular flexibility and assure optimal non-slip features for layers that has to coat passable pavements realized in concrete (it included also outdoor parks for cars).

risanamento massetto per pavimenti

screed reconditioning for pavements


Epoxy screed reconditioning for industrial pavements applications.

Epoxy high gauge screed (between 6 and 12mm), which has considerable resistance features, is the ideal coating for every kind of surfaces in concrete new or old and worn.

ripristino giunti

joints restoration


To deal with the typical damage caused by infiltrations we use specific polyurethane resins.

These resins are injected into the joint fissures, because the weather and the chemical or mechanic agents wear out all the concrete surfaces (particularly that horizontal).

sala mostre giesseservice

decorative surfaces


Resin decorative products are a selection of different works created to realize every aesthetic need.

When we talk about resin decorative surfaces it is important to mention the large variety of elements that can be merge with the resin compound, in order to custom every treated surface.

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