Joints restoration

Activity of joints restoration

In the industrial pavements, to address with efficacy to the damages caused by infiltrations, it is recommended to use special polyurethane single or two-component resins.

These resins are injected in the fissures of the joints, which are worn by the chemical or mechanical agents. Almost all the surfaces (in particular those horizontal) realized in concrete, have this kind of problems.

During the treatments of pavements, between the joints, we cut on both sides to a variable distance, the bordered surface. Then the surface is demolished in order to reach a level and compact surface.

After the removal of the debris and the aspiration of the dust reduction, we fill the removed volume with grout, resin and selected quartz based, in an appropriate size curve, coated and compacted with a trowel.  To respect the stickness features, before we apply a primer coating.

Studied to seal permanently the infiltrations, these materials are suitable for every concrete structure, mostly for the high characteristics of expansion of the resin, able to seal perfectly.

Resin barriers to seal water infiltrations

The use of a two-components resin acrylic based find its highest application in the phase of sealing of the demarcated zone of infiltrations and for its composition it is able to penetrate in the treated structure, waterproofing it in the depth.

Thanks to its great fluidity, this particular resin can close even the smallest and imperceptible fissures presents in the pavements of structure to renewal, creating a micro barrier particularly flexible, able to last in the time and to safeguard the integrity of the structure.


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