Resin floors

Resin floors features

Resin floors, a generic word that suggest a large variety of products, with economic and technical features completely different one to each other.

We realize specific resin floors for the food industry, chemical-pharmaceutical and metalworking industries, for logistics warehouses, refrigerating rooms and for many other uses.

Resin features allow realizing different pavements and spaces. Resin floor products have great advantages compared with other building material such as tiles, parquet, marble, ceramic, stoneware and wood.

Resin is a great material to coat/cover walls, bathrooms, furniture and structures. The wear out resistance and the long lifetime of the resin products, make resins an excellent material, suitable for different applications.

The use of materials manufactured in the main Italian and foreign company, allow having a regularity of quality and development, with technical file and material safety data sheet.

Main resins used for our works


film resin coatings

Epoxy resin floors

Mainly used on new pavements with dust barrier, it gives the opportunity to carry out an anti-dust up to a reconditioning screed with a high gauge.

In any case epoxy resin use, requests the formation of expansion and retreat joints and application time very long (from 7 to 8 days) for the use of the pavement.


non-slip resin surfaces

Methacrylic resin floors

Methacrylic resin are most applied in the food industry and especially in spoiled cement surfaces and with damaged tiles because it can guarantee a high chemical and hygienic resistance.

Methacrylic resins allow the realization and the use of pavements in a very short time, between 24 and 48 hours.


polyurethan resin floor

Polyurethan resin floors

Polyurethane resin offers great flexibility, resistance to the ultraviolet rays and to the atmospheric agents. It is mainly used for decorative and high-density pavements.

The laying time are very similar to those of epoxy resin.



polyurea resin floor

Polyurea resin floors

To use this resin we have to create a polyurethane velum that will be applied by hot spraying on different supports to get the waterproofing of parks, terrace, and bath and so on.

Use and time application for the room: IMMEDIATELY.


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