Self-levelling screeds

Restoration of the screed for surfaces for industrial application

Resin floors with self-levelling epoxy screed and a high gauge (between 6 and 12 mm), with high features of resistance, ideal for coatings of every concrete surfaces old, new or particularly worn.

The phase of laying of the screed pavements requests particular attention in the preparation that needs the transit of a specific shot peening machine, which use micro-balls of steel, or as an alternative of a large milling machine (typically used to remove the preexistent layers of the road surface).

After the preparation of the base, we use a particular compound made by epoxy resin and quartz sand, that is compacted by milling machine and finally it is saturated skimmed with special epoxy pigmented resin.

This resin application requests a laying of monochromatic finish with anti-slip features.

Use of the epoxy screed with a high gauge

The use of resin laying with epoxy screed permits the complete recover of the worn floors or the recycle of industrial pavements, typically exposed to considerable chemical or mechanical aggression. However, for its high resistance, it results ideal also for metalworking, chemical and food industry applications.

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