Self-levelling surfaces

Spatulate resin floors with self-levelling features

Self-levelling spatulate resin floors are customizable with the newest and most original chromatic effects. They are uniform and level and are perfect for every domestic and commercial application.

To realize floors with spatulate or cloudy effects, we have to use a professional two-component epoxy paste, which is without solvent. It is very easy to prepare and the flexibility of use allow customizing different locations, for example apartments, showroom and shops, in short time.

Work phases for a resin surface, on average last 6-7 days.

Self-levelling resin coatings with spatulate and cloudy effect

Ideal for every surfaces, the phase of creation of these particular surfaces results rather fast and it consists in a process of laying where the resin is combined with the colour material and a specific paste, which was mixed before with an epoxy compound in order to obtain different colouring.

Self-levelling resin floors with polish finish are coated with a pronged knife; on the other hand, the laying resin is daubed with a roller to facilitate the levelling.

The phase of application results very simple, thanks to the creaminess of the resin. It includes the use of a smooth spatula that helps to obtain the classical effects called “cloudy” and “spatulate” which have a gauge that goes between 1.5 and 3 millimetres.

In the next phase of hardening, the pavement will have a particular shiny chromatic shade. Moreover, it will be more resistant to abrasive actions and chemical agents, and that is why resin surfaces lasts for long time.

The last phase is the protection of the coating with a finish (it could be shiny, transparent or opaque) realized with a polyurethane compound.

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