Waterproofing systems for surfaces

Activities of waterproofing of the surfaces

The activity of waterproofing for surfaces have an always more important value in the commercial and domestic application, thanks to the resin coatings.  It is having an exponential growth because it proposes great solutions for every type of surfaces (with smooth finish or anti-slip) and wide resources of customization both for colours and for finishes.

These particular epoxy resin coatings are layers between 6 and 15 mm of gauge that do not have any leaks and they result highly resistant to mechanical stresses and to chemical agents. They are washable with regularity, thanks to the absence of high gauges that are present in classical coatings.

Laying and application phases

The laying and the application of a resin treatment permits to recover easily the structural problems of existing pavements (dent and slope). It is the easiest and cheapest solution to renovate worn floors and surfaces, thanks to the application on traditional cementitious screed, ceramics floors and concrete substrate.

For what concern the resin for surfaces and horizontal stays, the worn degree is almost unreal compared with classical pavements; moreover, decorative resins with a good resistance are applied.

Resin floors are particularly indicated for surfaces for food, chemical and mechanical industries and for the pavements (in and outdoors) of parks for shops and shopping centres. Through a wide choice of effects and types of finishes, it is easy to reach a high standard for every surfaces realized.

Waterproofing process

Through the waterproofing resin process, we do not have to remove old stays and the laying is very easy and thanks to the absence of leaks typical of the coating surfaces, as parquet, tiles, rubber, linoleum etc… On resin surfaces, you will not have accumulation points for filth. The dust removal and many other things become easy and fast activities and the costs of realization are cheaper than interventions of removal, disposal and new laying with the old systems.

For what concern the use of resins for exterior surfaces, once you have evaluated the pavements to treat, a process absorbs the old supports. After that, there are laying cycles of resin-basis substances that are protective and non-filmogenic to waterproof, which represent the waterproofing systems with a high flexibility and resistance to the external agents, able to guarantee more reliable and advanced performance, compared with the classical solutions; for example the use of sheaths.

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