venetian terrazzo resin floors

Giesse Service realizes “Venetian” resin floors, better known as Terrazzo.

Resin Terrazzo, better known as compacted floors, it is the most classical floor and it is composed by a bottom of marble or cement dust where are applied marble of Murano glassware grit of different dimensions.

The resin Terrazzo was born with the peculiarities of the Venetian lagoon to use the recycled materials.

Today instead, it is considered all over the world as a product with a great artistic, classic, refined and elegant importance.

terrazzo alla veneziana in resina

Giesse Service proposes resin Terrazzo, replaying the effect of a high artisan product at a lower price. “Venetian” resin floor gives a touch of classicalism, recalling ancient atmospheres and the majesty of the old era, always being practical and safe.

The resin Terrazzo is a very resistant solution, because it is able to absorb strong stresses without change its shape. Create to the resist at the vibrations of the Venetian buildings, it has also anti-seismic properties, because it is not rigid and it can follow the ground movements.

Thanks to the partnership with the most renowned Murano glassmaker, Giesse Service is one of the few Italian company, which realizes resin floors of Terrazzo, using the precious Murano glass.

The Terrazzo is a masterpiece that will never be old-fashioned and it can be combined with the tradition architectural structures, and thanks to its different types of colours and shades, it becomes a subject matter for the exploration of the most modern and futuristic aesthetic solutions.

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